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Community dinners at Take the Next Step

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

This week, Lunstrum Electric had the opportunity to provide and serve a community dinner at Take the Next Step (TTNS)! Community dinners are served every Tuesday evening and TTNS encourages volunteer groups to show up, provide and serve a meal, and most importantly, engage with and be a friend to members of the community who are in a tough spot.

Take the Next Step (TTNS) is a local non-profit in Monroe, WA that was created with the vision of becoming a valuable resource to those who need assistance getting back on their feet. In addition to recruiting volunteer groups to serve weekly dinners, TTNS has helped make many other resources available to the community including a drop-in center that offers basic necessities such as food and clothing, after school programs that provide students with leadership opportunities and life-skills classes, and a cold-weather shelter that opens during the winter months in order to provide a safe place to sleep and protection from freezing temperatures.

Many volunteers and local businesses partner with TTNS and Lunstrum Electric is proud to be one of them. Each year, we sponsor a Community BBQ that TTNS puts on to show gratitude to the volunteers and community partners that enable them to continue the amazing work that they do. This organization is making a big difference in the community that they serve and we are very honored to be able to contribute to this cause!

Learn more about the amazing opportunities and services that Take the Next Step provides to their community!



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