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Non-Profits of 2019

This year, we all collaborated and chose a handful of charities that Lunstrum Electric donated to. It was great seeing the variety of causes chosen that really reflect the different personalities and passions our employees have.

Below is the list of charities Lunstrum Electric donated to this year:

The Abraham Project is a Christian, non-profit organization located in Villas de Ayarco, Costa Rica. This organization runs a multi-purpose building for daycare and after school activities, children's homes that provide temporary housing for local, at-risk youth, low-cost health services and life skills workshops such as cooking, computer skills and English. Their goal is to see their communities transformed by offering programs and services where people can encounter the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Partner in Employment is a non-profit that addresses the challenges of employment among Washington foreign-born populations. This organization works closely with other government, business and training organizations across the county to provide mentoring and training opportunities in order to help create better job retention among those they serve. Job seekers are assisted with personalized trainings, resources and case management to find the best possible placement.

The Ronald McDonald House strives to provide a home away from home for families whose children are seriously ill or injured and receiving treatment. They firmly believe that parents should not have to worry about anything besides caring for their children, and therefor providing housing and meals close to treatment facilities relieves unnecessary stress for families. This organization also provides Family Rooms that are located within treatment facilities steps away from pediatric or intensive care units. These rooms serve as a place to rest and regroup.

Take the Next Step is a non-profit located in Monroe, WA that was created with the vision of becoming a valuable resource to those who need assistance getting back on their feet. They run after-school programs for children and a drop-in center for those who are in need of clothing, a bus pass or food. Each week they also host a community dinner night where volunteers provide and cook a meal for those who attend. In the winter, they open up a cold weather shelter in a local church where those seeking to get away from the cold can do so on nights when the weather drops to freezing.

Washington Trails Association (WTA) strives to mobilize everyone who loves the outdoors to explore, steward and champion trails and public lands. WTA has created Washington's largest volunteer trail maintenance program and put large efforts toward legislation reform for allocation of trail funding. WTA strongly believes that access to the outdoors is vitally important for everyone and they are committed to reducing barriers to hiking trails and lands.

Toys for Tots is a foundation governed by veteran Marines, which aims to provide gifts to less fortunate children at Christmas time. Volunteers help with the coordination of obtaining and delivering the donated toys. Toy collection includes a combination of locally donated toys, those purchased by the Foundation and those donated by corporations. Their main goal is to help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America's less fortunate children.

Pasado's Safe Haven fights to end animal cruelty and create a more compassionate world. In addition to investigating animal cruelty crimes and providing sanctuary and rehab to animals who have suffered abuse and neglect, they also advocate for better laws to protect animals and work to educate the public about how they can help end animal cruelty. Their 85-acre sanctuary that is located just outside of Seattle is home to approximately 250 animals, most of whom arrived as a product of abuse or neglect.

Youth for Christ is a Christian non-profit located in Seattle that focuses on raising up leaders from at-risk populations. Their main program, City Life, focuses on serving kids where they live, their neighborhoods and schools. Volunteers spend time after school with kids helping with homework, going on fun outings, and simply serving as a positive role model in their life. Youth for Christ is a movement that is fighting for the future of today's youth.


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